The Surprising Benefits of Wood Kitchen Countertops

The Surprising Benefits of Wood Kitchen Countertops

Wood kitchen countertops are a wonder! Here’s more about this unique countertop material.

Kitchen countertops are one part of the kitchen that certainly requires excellent durability. The countertops take much over the years; they are the surfaces on which we prepare all of our meals. Choosing your kitchen countertop material is certainly worth decent consideration, and one has many great options. While granite, quartz, and natural stone are three of the most popular options, you might be surprised just how well wood kitchen countertops compare. Here are a few benefits of wood kitchen countertops to think about.


Wood kitchen countertops are one of the most affordable kitchen countertop options. One can choose between a variety of wood species, such as maple, oak, and walnut. Wood countertops are more or less expensive compared to various types of stone countertops; it all depends on the quality and cut, but on the whole, wood is more affordable than high-end stone.

Beautiful Designs

Natural wood countertops are also beautiful and can look right at home in either a modern or rustic kitchen. Natural wood adds warmth that contrasts well with sleek modern colors and lines. The designs depend on the different wood grain cuts, including edge, face, and end grain. 


All types of countertops require some level of maintenance to keep them in good condition longer. One might be concerned about wood’s ability to water and other culinary fluids, but there is no worry. With routine sealing, wood is absolutely waterproof.

Heat Resistant

Wood is also surprisingly heat resistant. Wood can take hot pans, pots, and plates and remain unscathed. The only risk of burning the countertop comes when letting very hot items stay on the countertop for a long time. If in doubt, always use a trivet. Otherwise, one can sand out any burns that do occur. 


Unlike plastic, wood does not harbor harmful bacteria. In fact, it has antimicrobial properties that slowly kill any bacteria like salmonella on its surface. It is the wonders of nature at work. Of course, regular wiping and disinfecting help to keep it clean.

Easy to Maintain

Wood kitchen countertops are easy to clean, durable, and repair-friendly. One can use diluted white vinegar to disinfect, mineral oil to seal, and a sander for scratches. One can chop food directly on a wood countertop, but it is better to use a cutting board.


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