5 Natural Stone Kitchen Floor Tiles

5 Natural Stone Kitchen Floor Tiles

Natural stone is a prized kitchen flooring material. Is it right for your kitchen?

If there is any kitchen flooring prized for its naturalness, its durability, and its quality, it’s a natural stone kitchen floor. Natural stone flooring works wonderfully in the kitchen for the qualities mentioned above. What’s more, it is flexible to fit your kitchen’s color scheme and style. However, there is more than one type of natural stone kitchen floor out there! 


Granite is a common natural stone used for kitchen floor tiles. Just like with granite countertops, it can be all sorts of patterns and colors. One can find it in slabs and tiles. Granite is a fantastic flooring choice because it is long-lasting and resistant to scratches and stains. However, it does require regular cleaning and sealing.


Marble floors grace many historic homes, and they can grace your kitchen as well. Marble comes in a wide variety of interesting colors and patterns, from white to pink to tan to black. One can use marble slabs, tiles, or inlays to create countless designs, patterns, and pictures. Marble is a porous material and very smooth, so it requires a textured finish. Sealing helps it against stains, scratches, and chips.


Travertine is a warm, light-colored stone that is popular across Italy and the world. Travertine is a softer stone, and so it needs frequent resealing to protect it from acid stains and other debris. Otherwise, travertine is filled, sealed, and polished to have a shiny or natural finish for better durability.


Slate is a cool, smooth stone with a naturally textured surface. It can range from a light to a dark gray, and sometimes have swathes of brown or other colors mixed into it. This multi-layered stone also requires sealing about once a year. One can also put down rugs or mats to help protect it against heavy-traffic areas.


Limestone is a natural sediment; in fact, it is marble in a prior form. When limestone undergoes extreme heat and pressure, it crystallizes into marble. That being said, limestone is also a great material for kitchen floor tiles, and needs resealing due to its porous quality.


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