5 Tips for Keeping Cool in the Kitchen

5 Tips for Keeping Cool in the Kitchen

Beat the summer heat in the kitchen this year with these easy steps!

Maryland summers can be notoriously hot and humid, and naturally, everyone wants to keep cool during this season. Unfortunately, the kitchen is the room that generates the most heat and can get less comfortable during summer. To beat the heat and save on your AC bill, here are five tips for keeping cool in the kitchen.

Don’t Cook

Cooking, such as using the stove or oven, produces heat. Therefore, try to avoid using the range. Instead of cooking, baking, broiling, etc., opt for healthy, filling meals that are summer-friendly like cold noodle dishes, hearty salads, and other cold dishes. 

Turn on the Range Hood Vent

When you absolutely want to cook up a storm on the range, turn on the range hood vent, so that steam, smoke, and other cooking vapors will go up the flue and stay out of the kitchen. Your kitchen will stay cooler and odor-free.

Use Small Appliances

Another way to reduce heat but still produce a delicious, hot meal is to use small appliances. Smaller appliances, like the microwave oven, Instant pot, and toaster oven, produce less heat and still remain highly versatile for cooking a myriad of dishes.

Cook When It’s Cooler

You can also strategize your timing and use the range when the temperature is still relatively cool, such as in the morning and in the evening. For example, you can prepare your homemade bread in the morning, or prepare bulk meals to be ready to heat up throughout the week.

Limit the Light

Aside from the exterior temperature and heat from cooking, light also produces heat. The less light there is, the cooler the environment. One can utilize curtains or blinds for windows during the brightest parts of the day, or simply turn off the lights. In the evening, one can limit the number of lights used. With these simple tips, keeping cool in the kitchen has never been easier.


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