6 Different Microwave Oven Placements

6 Different Microwave Oven Placements

There’s more than one place to put the microwave oven, and we’re not talking about the countertop!

The microwave oven is a small but heavily-used appliance in the kitchen that many families and individuals wouldn’t know what to do without. The microwave oven might not be a part of the core appliances in kitchen design, but it certainly takes strategy to place it in the most functional spot. Because counter space is a coveted commodity, designers have come up with at least six different microwave oven placements.

Above the Stove

Aside from the kitchen countertop, an undermount above the range is the most common way to save space. This setup works just as well as a countertop setup, but it could make repairwork and ventilation more difficult. Nevertheless, keeping the range and microwave oven together is highly practical.

Under an Upper Cabinet

Another one of the more common microwave oven placements is an undermount under the cabinetry but over the counter. The microwave may have a built-in look with the upper cabinets, or simply hang underneath them. Usually, the microwave oven would still be near the range.

In a Cabinet

For a seamless look with fully-integrated appliances, one can house the microwave behind a cabinet door. The coffee maker could be in the same unit, on a lower or upper shelf. One can put the microwave oven in an upper cabinet, an undercounter cabinet, or in a floor-to-ceiling one.

Under the Counter

As just stated, another microwave oven placement is under the counter. It could be in an open shelf or in a closed shelf. This might be the best option if you do not use the appliance as often as the stove, or if you do not mind bending down to use it. One should also keep in mind that this could cause one to lose some storage space, as the appliance is not as deep as the counter, which is why some might place it at the end of a countertop or island.

In the Drawer Style

Meanwhile, the drawer-style microwave oven takes the undercounter oven into a new form. Often placed in the kitchen island across from the range, this microwave drawer allows easy access for users while preserving that valuable counter space.

Above the Wall Oven

Perhaps the most interesting of microwave oven placements is the integration with a wall oven. Whether you have one or two wall oven, the microwave can join the party and sit above or below the unit. These microwaves can be either a separate built-in or a combo that has convention as well.


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