Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are trending! Is this a look for your kitchen?

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are one of the newest trends to come on the scene of kitchen design. Kitchen cabinetry has been and continues to focus on storage efficiency; custom cabinets are even more desirable today so that every inch of space gets used in the most effective way. However, people have now realized that there’s more to be done with kitchen cabinets for style and aesthetics: here are the benefits and design tips for two-toned kitchen cabinets that you should know.

The Trend of Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

In the last few years, two-toned kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular. Before then, cabinets and their hardware were always the same. Sure, there were beautiful patterns and colors and stains for them, but the backsplash or wall paint added color and brightness to the space. Today, people have the option of using painted kitchen cabinets to add new depth to this everyday room. With two different tones, there are many creative options available.

The Benefits of Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

What benefits can you gain from going with two-toned kitchen cabinets? First, there is the aesthetic benefit. When done well, it looks fantastic! Common color combinations include white and gray, white and green, white and blue, and white and wood. The white cabinets on the top draw the eye upward and make small kitchens look bigger. They also increase the natural sunlight in the room through reflectivity. 

Second, you can enjoy a higher resale value if you intend to sell your home soon. This is a popular trend right now in 2021, so you can expect it to appeal to more homebuyers than not. Otherwise, it is all for you to enjoy!

Tips for Designing Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Steps for designing two-toned cabinets that look great include the following:

  • Choose two colors that go well together; most often, people combine white with a neutral, earthy color. If you want wood cabinets, a darker stain will add more contrast.
  • Next, have the white cabinets on the upper level and the colored ones on the bottom. Having darker tones above the lighter ones makes a space feel top-heavy, but light tones on top make it feel more spacious.
  • Choose a focal point. If you have a kitchen island in your design, use a third color for it that goes well with the other two. 
  • Select other kitchen features that tie in with those colors, adding pattern and texture.


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