Types of Bathroom Showers

One of the best things in life is when that thing you have to do lines up with that thing that you want to do that makes you feel good. Showering is just such a thing – you need to shower to keep your body clean, but showering also feels really good and relaxing. When you remodel your bathrooms, you have the opportunity to replace those old, outdated bathroom showers and replace them with beautiful, relaxing, rejuvenating showers that can elevate the entire experience. While you plan your remodel, read on for the different types of shower you can dream about adding to your new bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Showers

Which type of bathroom shower is right for you?

Pre-Fab Or Custom

The first choice you have to make for bathroom showers is pre-fab or custom. A pre-fab bathroom shower is one that is made of a single piece shower pan and a multi-piece shower surround. These surrounds can be made with many options, including ledges, soap dishes, and towel bars. The other option is a completely custom shower, where every part of it is made exactly to your order so that it matches your needs and space precisely.

Enclosed Shower or Tub-Shower Combo

If you don’t have space for a separate tub, you will need to keep your tub and shower as a combo. This gives you a space to shower but the option to take a bath if you want. If you decide on an enclosed shower, you sacrifice the tub, and there are many options to choose from: rectangular, curved, corner, and neo-angle. Rectangular shower enclosures are the most common, with curved a close second. Corner shower enclosures are usually square, though curved enclosures can often also fit in a corner. The neo-angle enclosure is a compromise between the corner and curved types.

Shower Tower

For some, the idea of cutting new holes, sometimes many holes, in the wall is just too much. The shower tower is the solution. It is a pillar that is installed in the shower area that includes at least the shower controls and a showerhead, but more often includes multiple shower heads at varying heights. The shower tower has a very contemporary look, so it would best match a bathroom remodel that applies that aesthetic.


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