Enhance Your Bathroom Spa With These Spa-Like Elements

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Incorporate these tips into the design of your bathroom.

How long do you spend in the bathroom?   You probably get up and go straight to work. You brush your teeth and then shower. You could spend time doing your hair or doing makeup. There will most likely be additional trips to the restroom throughout the day. Maybe you take a bath or bathe the kids in the evening, then brush your teeth and wash your face before bed. That is a significant amount of time. Shouldn’t your bathroom be better than adequate? In the room where you spend so much time, you deserve a spa-like bathroom experience. Here are some pointers for creating a spa-like atmosphere for your bathroom.

Focus On Your Shower Fixtures

A shower is a must-have if you want to create a spa-like bathroom. If you have a tub in your shower area, it should undoubtedly be a spa tub. The battery would be luxurious as well. If you only have one showerhead, choose one with multiple settings. However, for an authentic spa experience, invest in a shower with multiple heads, including a waterfall head above. A steam shower is another high-end option, especially if you do not have a tub.

Bathroom Flooring

Stepping out of a warm bath or shower onto a freezing-cold floor can be uncomfortable. One way to combat this is with heated floors. Radiant heated floors are a good option and can help warm the entire room so you don’t get cold while showering or bathing.

High-Quality Towels

Your towels at a spa would never be cold, and they don’t have to be in your bathroom, either. Enjoy a heated towel rail or towel warmer. You can also increase the spa factor of your bathroom by purchasing more luxurious towels that are toasty warm and highly comfortable.

Focus On The Ambiance

Finally, decide what you like best about the spa’s ambiance and incorporate it into your bathroom. Is it the influence of nature? Plants can be placed in hanging planters or near a window. Is it the odor? Make room on the surface for scented candles. Is it because of the music? Build a sound system into the ceiling. Finally, when choosing your color palette, choose soft, neutral, and calming tones to create the desired mood.


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