Common Mistakes To Avoid On Your Bathroom Renovation

Kenwood Kitchens Bathroom Renovations

Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

A bathroom renovation, whether large or small, can significantly impact one’s home. The bathroom, which heavily incorporates plumbing into the design, necessitates nearly as much extensive engineering as the kitchen. A bathroom should not be done haphazardly, especially if you intend to sell the house. Continue reading to avoid the most common bathroom renovation blunders.

You Forget About Ventilation For Your Bathroom

With a lot of plumbing comes a lot of humidity, and too much of it can cause severe issues like paint and grout deterioration and mold growth. If the bathroom is small, a window may suffice for ventilation. A properly sized ventilation unit is always required to ensure healthy airflow for you and the bathroom.

You Select Inadequate Materials

Some materials may appear to match your perfect bathroom aesthetic, but upon closer inspection, they may also cause unpleasant moisture issues. Due to high humidity, wood cabinetry and countertops, for example, can shrink, expand, and warp and some wallpapers can bubble, stain, and even promote mold growth. Make sure that all of your materials are long-lasting and waterproof.

You Don’t Have A Vision

You’ll need a solid bathroom design even if you have some bathroom renovation ideas. A renovation plan includes the fixtures and flooring, the precise measurements of the space, and all of its components. It entails precisely spacing and measuring everything, so there are no surprises during installation. Working with a Kenwood Kitchens designer can make the design process more smooth.

You Don’t Have A Set Budget

Before purchasing fixtures and the like, one should set aside a reasonable budget. The budget should accurately reflect what you can afford, and every budget should account for any necessary extra spending. Kenwood Kitchens can assist you in determining a reasonable budget for your project.

You Focus On The Looks

The most common reason for bathroom renovation failure is a lack of functionality. One of the most extensive bathroom renovations fails to prioritize the fundamentals, such as traffic flow, energy efficiency, and the other elements above, over the bathroom’s appearance. Before putting on the ornaments, the base must be planned out.


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