These Amenities Are A Necessary For Your Master Bathroom

Kenwood Kitchens Master Bathroom

These amenities are must-haves for your bathroom.

Personal indulgence is becoming more prevalent in contemporary master bathrooms. While a bathroom only requires working appliances such as a toilet, sink, tub, and shower, there are a few things you can add to make your master bath a lot more delightful to use. Here are a few must-haves amenities every master bathroom should have.

A High-Quality Bathroom Sink

Most people prefer having their own sink. Purchasing two sinks for your master bath might save you time and trouble. Undermounted sinks, or sinks affixed to the underside of a countertop with no raised rim, are also worth considering for a master bath.

Heated Floors

Walking onto a chilly tile floor first thing every morning can be annoying. That is why some people opt for heated floors. This is also a very efficient technique to heat the area evenly, unlike traditional heating sources, which first blow out cool air trapped in your ducts. Heated floors can be controlled by an electronic thermostat that you can program to turn on just before you wake up to provide a comfortable environment.

A Soap Dispenser

A single-handle motion-activated faucet can be a good investment if you’re a germaphobe or have a lot on your hands in the bathroom. It may also save water or prevent an overflow if your children habitually leave the water running when they leave the room. A built-in soap dispenser is another helpful feature if you don’t like seeing bar soap melt away in a messy soap dish.

Install A Curbless Shower

Access to your shower has become popular, particularly among people who desire to age in place. Stepping over a tub apron or a high shower curb could result in injury. Certain curbless showers can be slanted, eliminating the requirement for a shower door to keep water from spilling onto the main floor. While this may make showering a little more drafty, it will lessen the amount of glass to clean and may be less expensive.


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