Consider These Tips For Upgrading Your Kitchen Backsplash

Kenwood Kitchens Kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are a key feature.

If you’ve ever renovated a kitchen, you know how challenging the process can be. There are numerous decisions to be made regarding all of your kitchen’s old and new features. This also applies to your kitchen backsplash. They are a key feature in the kitchen design that connects various elements such as wall color, appliances, furniture, and extra decor. In this blog, we’ve listed some helpful tips to follow when shopping for a new backsplash.


Attract The Eyes

Frequently, the backsplash contains an element that draws the eye to it and possibly repeats to draw the eye around the room. This eye-catching feature could include various tile sizes or unusual paint colors. Choose something you enjoy and can see yourself enjoying for many years.

Pick A Sustainable And Durable Kitchen Backsplash

You probably thought about your kitchen island and countertop materials, and some of your choices were more sustainable than others. The same concept applies for your backsplash, where if you want to go green, you will most likely not choose tile. Cork and bamboo are two of the most popular eco-friendly backsplash options.

Mix And Match Tiles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tile combinations. To create visual interest and guide the eye around the space, many backsplash designs combine large, medium, and small tiles. If you want to go bold with a complex backsplash, stick to simple countertop and cabinet materials. You don’t want them to compete and overpower the space visually.

Use Different Angles

When working with tiles, keep in mind that they do not have to run horizontally or vertically. Tiles can be arranged at an angle to create a completely different visual experience in the room. This is another instance where your counters and cabinets should be fairly plain in order to not distract from the backsplash.


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