ASKO Appliances for Your New Kitchen

ASKO Appliances for Your New Kitchen

We provide ASKO appliances, the best in dishwashers, washers, and dryers!

One of the most integral parts of a new kitchen remodel that few might consider is the appliances. Likely, you’ll want to get rid of your old fridge, dishwasher, range, etc., for a totally fresh kitchen. Kenwood Kitchens offers the best kitchen appliance brands on the market. If you are interested in learning more about ASKO appliances for your new kitchen, stay tuned!

About ASKO

ASKO is a Scandanavian-inspired brand. From the wealthy heritage of landscape and lifestyle that their Scandanavian roots hold, ASKO brings a series of elite dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers to the everyday. They believe that if your appliances make it to the heart of your home, they should be inventions that you love. 


ASKO appliances for your new kitchen could include a brand new, Scandinavian-style dishwasher. Their three main dishwasher categories include stainless steel, panel-ready, and outdoor. No matter which style you choose, ASKO guarantees that you can have the three top qualities you would want in any dishwasher: a long lifespan, beauty, and a deep clean for even the most fragile items.


ASKO washing machines are an invention that isn’t broken, and doesn’t need fixing. Their signature front-loading washer is original in its riddance of the rubber door gasket, a feature that always poses a risk for mold and bacteria growth. Instead, theirs has a no-maintenance steel seal, plus four internal shock absorbers to make your washer long-lasting and quieter.


What are the best two features of an ASKO clothes dryer? It is a closed system, and it uses both heat and an evaporator to dry clothes. Because it is a closed system, one can insert their dryer in a confined space with low ventilation. With both heat and an evaporator, one can effectively dry clothing at a lower temperature. ASKO dryers help alleviate the risk of delicate clothes deteriorating and shrink-sensitive clothes shrinking. 

If you are interested in these ASKO appliances for a new kitchen design, Kenwood Kitchens is the perfect company to help you make it happen.


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