Eight Signs That Your Kitchen & Bathroom is Outdated

The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most shared rooms in your house. As a result, both rooms accumulate more wear and tear than others. In your bathroom, you might hear a leaky faucet. Or, your kitchen is just downright unappealing.

Kenwood Kitchens Kitchen Bathroom Renovation

Renovations for your kitchen and bathroom could be needed if you lack space in both areas.

With a renovated bathroom and kitchen, you are more than sure to boost the overall value of your home. Continue reading more about the specific signs that these particular areas are out-of-date.

It should be Easy to Use it

  • Nearly everyone starts their day with a trip to the bathroom, so it should be relatively easy to use. 
  • An old-fashioned toilet might not be as functional as a newer one. Or, you may experience dim lighting. 
  • You should have a pleasant trip every time you use the bathroom, especially at home. 

Unappealing Bathroom Tiles

  • Tiles are essential to the visual appearance of a bathroom. 
  • They are challenging to clean, and the dirt can become entrenched in the tile no matter how often you wash it. 
  • If cleaning your tile does not change the appearance, it is time to replace them.

Mold Accumulation

  • Mold is a health hazard, and exposure to it can lead to many health problems. 
  • Proper ventilation is necessary for the prevention of mold in your bathroom. 
  • You should consider renovations if you notice mold build-up anywhere in your bathroom.

Your Bathroom is Too Small

  • A small area can be frustrating to use, especially if it has issues and lacks storage space. 
  • If you have a tub in a smaller bathroom, think about installing a walk-in shower to increase the size of your bathroom.

Now its Time to Focus on The Kitchen Floor

If your kitchen sports a linoleum floor with some geometrical pattern, you should undoubtedly consider renovating your floor. Any signs of physical damage like cracks or structural like damaging water stains also indicate it’s time for an upgrade.

Out of Style Cabinets

If your cabinets still have an old-school wooden oak or pine look, think about getting new cabinets. Consider refacing your cabinets with fresh regard. 

Speaking of Your Appliances 

The appliances are what make up your kitchen. If you have an older refrigerator that consumes a lot of energy or a stove that malfunctions, upgrading dated appliances are a must. 

You have no Room to Cook

You might need to rebuild your floor plan if you have little space to prepare meals and have few countertops. You also might realize that your cabinets are too full, areas feel restricted, and appliances take up too much space. Reach out to Kenwood Kitchens for your renovation projects. 


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