Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Renovation Company

Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Renovation Company

How does one determine the best bathroom renovation company for their project? Take a look at these tips!

If you’re looking for luxury, a bathroom renovation should be high on your list. It’s an immediate breath of freshness, with touches like a stunning new shower, fresh paint, and vanity that suits all of your needs. Bathroom renovations are also a good way to increase the value of a home, boosting resale value should you ever decide to move out and sell. However, this is no easy task. If you want to get the most out of your renovation, it’s important to hire an experienced and qualified bathroom renovation company to complete the job.

Find Options

Speaking to only one bathroom renovation company is going to give you a limited perspective. They may not be able to get creative within your budget, or they may not be the best option to pull off your particular vision. That’s why it’s important to shop around; you can solicit bids from contractors and interview a multitude of options, that way, you find the perfect fit to complete the perfect job.¬†

Check Past Work

If a bathroom renovation company is experienced, they should have a portfolio of work to reflect that. That means they may show you photos of previous bathroom remodels or at least direct you to their website where you can do so. Kenwood Kitchens can do even more; we have four kitchen and bath showrooms throughout central Maryland! Looking at our portfolio and visiting one of our showrooms can help you determine if we can do the specific kind of work you’re looking for.

Clarify Duties

Before you settle on a contract, make sure you’re clear on what the bathroom renovation company’s duties are, along with what materials will be used. This is essential because bathroom remodeling isn’t just an on/off switch; a range of smaller projects adds up to the total remodeling job. Determining the project’s scope helps keep everything on track and ensures that you will be satisfied when the work is completed.

Find a Schedule

Not only do both parties need to be clear on what should be done, but also when it should be done. Scheduling will help you know when to expect contractors to be coming in and out of your home. It also helps you know when you’ll be able to have full use of your bathroom again, which is an important factor for homeowners. Likewise, it’s also important that the project not go overtime, as that could be a sign that costs are getting out of control.

Get an Estimate

With an impressive contractor in mind who is capable of the scope and schedule you need, it’s crucial that you get an estimate. Make sure this is in writing. A verbal estimate is privy to getting lost, forgotten, or misinterpreted. An itemized estimate will help you in the end so that you can compare it to your actual costs and see if there are any major discrepancies.¬†


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