2022 Bathroom Design Trends

2022 Bathroom Design Trends

The bathroom is as relevant as any other part of the home, and it should be as usable as it is stylish. Enhancing your bathroom’s design is a great way to give your home the bathroom oasis it deserves.

The bathroom is as relevant as any other part of the home. Many people view the bathroom as a functional space to carry out daily hygienic upkeep, which is true. However, a bathroom should be as usable as it is stylish. You should explore 2022 bathroom design trends because you deserve a bathroom oasis. Here are some design options that might pique your interest. 


Biophilia is the idea that humans desire a connection with nature and other life forms. This concept has been making its way into many bathrooms this year. Houseplants and pampas grass can create a calming effect, particularly if you desire a spa-like bathroom. This bathroom design trend emerged during the beginning of the pandemic because people had to stay indoors and longed for relaxing and nurturing spaces. Plantlife calms moods but also improves air quality. 

Spa Bathrooms

A spa day is one way to invest in self-care. However, what if you could bring the spa to you? You can by adding spa-like features to your bathroom. Here are a few concepts that can bring luxury to your bathroom: 

  • Tiled Shower Pans Using Detailed Mosaic Tile
  • Euro Style Doors with Thick Glass 
  • Minimalistic Framing
  • Ornate Hardware
  • Granite and Quartz Countertops with an Undermount Sink 

Picturesque Murals

Long gone are the days when bathrooms only have white walls. Colorful and scenic murals take away the monotony. The point is that you want to personalize your bathroom with art that suits your taste. 

Marvelous Marble

You might be a homeowner that finds murals too gaudy. If so, marble elements make a subtle statement. Marble is classic, timeless, and embodies sophistication. 

Elegant Fixtures

Marble isn’t the only way to add some luxury to your bathroom. Elegant finishes and storage features can bring a feeling of calmness and serenity to your bathroom. Opt for light, natural hues, and plenty of tile work to enhance and complement plumbing fixtures and create a “great escape” feeling in your bathroom. 

Playing Around with Textures

Exact matches are no longer the rule of thumb. You can never go wrong with a minimalistic or monolithic bathroom. However, mixing textures ensures that your space has visual appeal and variance. Think textured wall coverings and glass meshed with sandwich mirrors. Consider ways to give your bathroom movement versus opting for plain, solid colors. 

The Wonders of Wet Rooms and Walk-In Showers

As its name suggests, a walk-in shower gives you plenty of space to walk into the shower and move around freely. A wet room is a waterproof bathroom space with a shower area flush with the rest of the floor in the room. Matching colorful and patterned tiles will create a beautiful backdrop for these spaces. 


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