Four Helpful Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

Four Helpful Tips for Choosing a Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are a key feature that ties together various elements in kitchen design, like the wall color, appliances, furniture, and extra decor.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you know how much planning goes into the process. It can be a lot to manage. There are many decisions to make about all of your kitchen’s old and new features. One such decision is about what goes on a portion of the walls behind the sink and other appliances, commonly called the kitchen backsplash. Kitchen backsplashes are a key feature that ties together various elements in kitchen design, like the wall color, appliances, furniture, and extra decor. We’ve compiled four helpful tips for choosing the right kitchen backsplash.

Draw The Eye

Often the backsplash has an element that draws the eye to it and possibly even repeats to draw the eye around the room. This eye-catching feature could range from different tile sizes or unusual paint colors. Choose something you love and that you can see yourself loving for years to come (even if it is the conversation starter every time someone new walks into the kitchen. 

Choose Sustainability

You probably spent a large portion of time thinking about your kitchen island and countertop materials, and some of your choices were more sustainable than others. The same is true with your backsplash, where if your want to choose an eco-friendly option, you will likely not be going with tile. Cork and bamboo are two of the most popular eco-friendly backsplash options. Recycled glass tiles are also eco-friendly, but they may not hold up to the heat in the kitchen – consider them for the bathroom backsplash instead.

Mix Up The Tiles

Don’t be afraid to get creative and use a mix of tiles. Many backsplash designs incorporate a combination of large, medium, and small tiles to create visual interest and guide the eye around the space. If you’re going to go bold with a complex backsplash, make sure you choose simple countertop and cabinet materials. You don’t want them to compete and make the space too visually loud. 

Change Up The Angle

When working with tiles, always remember that they don’t have to run horizontal or vertical. Tiles can be placed at an angle, giving the room a whole new visual experience. This is another time where your counters and cabinets should be fairly plain so that they don’t distract from the backsplash.


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