Looking To Install A New Bathtub? Here Are Five Different Types Available

You deserve to relax and enjoy a quiet, soothing hour to yourself. What better way to unwind than by bathing in a newly-remodeled bathtub? Many people work on home improvement projects in any season. However, you might have some leeway in choosing what kind of tub to insert at any time. Listed below are your most common types of bathtubs ava.


Here are several types of bathtubs.

Drop-In Bathtub

The first type of bathtub is the drop-in model. It has no finished sides but drops into a surrounding structure. Because of that, you would need to put in more work to construct the base. This type is less common in the United States but works just as well as the next model.

Alcove Bathtub

An alcove tub is often combined with a shower. This bathtub fits into a three-walled space and has one finished side. It is typical in American homes and is a practical solution for families with young children.

Corner Bathtub

A corner bathtub gives a stronger impression of luxury. In this model, especially, one can imagine taking spa baths featuring therapeutic air or water jets. They may be triangle or fan-shaped versions and usually can fit two people. Not all models can accommodate a showerhead.


Even more luxurious and spa-like is the freestanding tub. If you have always dreamed of a claw foot tub, there’s no reason to forego it, space and cost permitting. Besides the claw foot style, there are also flat-bottom and pedestal styles. Freestanding tubs are often the room’s focal point and can stand anywhere you need them. Faucets can be installed through the floor or an adjacent wall.


For those with special needs, luxury need not go out the door. Walk-in tubs make taking a bath accessible and can contain the same therapeutic features as other tubs, such as jets and whirlpools. Many walk-in tubs are alcove tubs. For more information on what options might work best for you, contact Kenwood Kitchens.


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