Avoid These Mistakes When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodel

Designing a small bathroom may seem daunting, but turning it into a masterpiece is possible. At a minimum, a small master bathroom will have a sink, toilet, and bathing unit, which can be a shower, bathtub, or both. With these fixtures, one can create a beautiful and compact space by implementing the following design ideas.

Custom Cabinets

A great idea for optimizing bathroom space is to design custom cabinetry for the vanity. This involves using every inch of space efficiently and may require adjusting the size and shape of the vanity to fit perfectly. Remember, the vanity doesn’t have to be a standard rectangle; it can be designed to provide unique dimensions, such as in a corner.

Built-In Shelves

A typical design concept for small master bathrooms incorporates built-in shelving into the walls. This can be achieved through vertical shelving in the wall or shower wall. Sometimes, homeowners can opt for additional storage through pull-out storage behind the built-in shelving.

Bathroom Fixtures With Rounded Edges 

If you have a small bathroom, space can be tight. One solution is to opt for round-edged bathroom fixtures such as sinks, vanities, and drawer handles. This can help maximize space and prevent cramped conditions. If you have a corner shower, consider installing a rounded one to save even more space.

A Light And Airy Approach

There are various ways to make a room appear larger and more spacious. One effective method is to create a light and bright ambiance. You can achieve this by incorporating a large mirror or mirroring an entire wall, significantly transforming the space. In addition to that, using white and light colors can add to the airiness and enhance the overall impression of spaciousness. By implementing these techniques, you can make any room feel more expansive and inviting.


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