Tips for Designing a Clean Bathroom

Tips for Designing a Clean Bathroom

Keeping a clean bathroom starts with a clean design.

Designing a dream bathroom is one matter, but keeping it clean in daily life is another. Bathrooms can become one of the filthiest rooms of the house without proper and regular cleaning. However, the job of keeping it clean can be made far easier when you start with a good design. Below, you’ll find the tips for designing a clean bathroom that will help make every round a breeze.

Less is More

The less surfaces there are in the bathroom, the less you will have to wipe down. The less crevices and ornamentation in your floors, cabinetry, bathroom appliances, and lighting fixtures, the easier it will be to capture all the germs and dirt. If your primary goal is to make cleaning as simple as possible, one could go with a sleek and modern design.

Make It Spacious

Similarly, one should aim to create a spacious bathroom layout that limits confined spaces that could trap moist air or dirt. Our designers at Kenwood Kitchens can help you come up with a beautiful, professional design that meets your preferences and needs and enhances traffic flow. 


Even with a spacious, airy layout, your bathroom will also need proper ventilation. In smaller bathrooms, a window near or in the shower could be enough to provide fresh airflow. Otherwise, the designer will work a ventilation system into the plan. Without a way to circulate the air, mold is far more likely to grow!

High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials make a difference. You will be able to save more in the long-run with materials that can last for decades rather than low-quality ones that deteriorate and don’t keep clean. At one of our four Kenwood Kitchens showrooms in Maryland, one can discover many easy-to-clean options for countertops, tiles, and more.

Less Glass

Glass shower screens can be a magnet for grime and scum. Limiting the amount of glass screening you use in the bathroom can help you limit how much you have to clean. If you do install a glass shower screen, there are different design options available to help minimize buildup.

Larger Tiles

Large tiles are in style and easy to clean. With larger floor tiles, you have less grout to clean. Over the years, grout can become dark with dirt and need a thorough cleaning once in a while. The larger the tiles, the less elbow grease you will have to put in.


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