Pros & Cons of a Kitchen Pot Filler

Pros & Cons of a Kitchen Pot Filler

Does your kitchen need a pot filler? Here’s what to love and how you know it’s the tool for you!

A pot filler is a kitchen faucet that extends or swings out from its mount in the middle of the backsplash or wall behind the stove. Usually, it only serves cold water. Today’s luxury kitchens often utilize this feature to add convenience. However, is this stylish tool right for everyone? Below are the pros and cons of a kitchen pot filler. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen in Maryland, Kenwood Kitchens offers superb design and installation services. Contact us or visit one of our four showrooms!


Avoid Strain

One of the best reasons to have a pot filler is to save yourself from strain and hassle. Without it, you have to fill up your pot with water from the kitchen sink and haul it over to the stove. Water weighs a ton, and having that water available just above the stove makes life simpler.

Save Time & Multitask

You can also save time and multitask with two faucets instead of one. You save that much time by filling up a pot already on the stove as opposed to in the sink. You can also fill up two pots at once, a useful feature when you are preparing a feast or just your weekday dinner.

Add a Little Luxury

The convenience that a pot filler adds gives the kitchen a touch of luxury. It isn’t every day that one sees this unique device. This feature adds finesse to a kitchen, making the cooking experience one-of-a-kind. One can also have one that matches the finish and style of other kitchen hardware.


Not for the Casual Cook

The only reasons not to install a pot filler are a lack of use and extra maintenance. If you do not like to cook, then you are not as likely to need this extra faucet. If you prefer to get a workout in the kitchen over saving time and energy, then it also might be a wasted amenity.


It is also one more thing to clean. The metal will eventually sustain grease from the stove and accumulate dust, and one will need to wipe it regularly. The worst-case scenario is a leaky faucet over your stove. If you use it regularly, however, it is worth the investment and upkeep.


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