Organize Your Kitchen Pantry With These Helpful Tips

Kenwood kitchens kitchen pantry

Use these tips to keep your kitchen pantry in good condition.

The pantry is one of the most functional spots in your home, but it can only be helpful if you can find everything you’re looking for. Few things are more frustrating than heading to your pantry only to find that you can’t find what you purchased just the other day at the grocery store. Using these tips, you’ll be able to organize your kitchen pantry with ease. 

Start By Decluttering 

Before organizing what you have, you should start by looking hard at your kitchen pantry. Are there any expired items that need to be disposed of? Are there unopened and unused items that you don’t want that you could donate to a food pantry? You should also sort what you have into categories to understand what you have the most. If you have a lot of cans, solutions that focus on boxes will not be a good fit for you. 

Work with a Professional

At Kenwood Kitchens, we can help transform your kitchen pantry into what you’ve always dreamed of. Even if you do not want a complete or significant kitchen remodel, there is still plenty that you can learn by working with us. We can help you determine the best changes for high impact. 

Divide the Kitchen Into Zones

Your kitchen pantry will work best when you have different pantry zones. This makes it easy to keep things organized, as you will automatically know where to put things when you are putting away groceries and where to find something you need. Some of the most accessible pantry zones include:

  • Spices
  • Breakfast stuff
  • Condiments
  • Dinner supplies
  • Pet food
  • Paper goods
  • Party supplies 
  • Drinks
  • Snacks

The proper zones for you might differ from others, so don’t be afraid to customize as much as you need! 

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