What Makes Sub-Zero the Best in Kitchen Refrigeration?

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Sub-Zero refrigerators feature a tighter seal for fresher food.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you might be considering Sub-Zero refrigeration and wondering, “Is it really worth it?” While other brands may cost less, Sub-Zero has distinguished itself in the premium space with superior features and greater reliability. Here’s a look at what makes Sub-Zero an excellent choice for Kitchen refrigeration.

About Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is a family owned company based in Madison, Wisconsin with manufacturing plants in both Wisconsin and Arizona. They are credited with creating the first professional counter depth refrigeration units. In other words, Sub-Zero was the first company to offer built-in refrigeration that did not protrude into your kitchen, and they would remain the only company to do so for some 20 years.

A Better Refrigerator

One of the primary features that distinguishes a Sub-Zero refrigerator system from other brands is the use of two compressors. Having one compressor dedicated to freezing and one for refrigeration allows these refrigerators to outperform other brands in food preservation. It also ensures that the refrigerator’s preservation system is not overworked, thus extending its lifespan. As such, Sub-Zero refrigerators have a longer appliance life and a wider warranty coverage.

Fresher Food

Sub-Zero refrigeration comes with more tightly sealed doors to limit temperatures and keep food fresher for longer. They achieve this by using heavier insulation that can prevent air from getting into the refrigerator after the door is closed. In addition, Sub-Zero systems feature a microprocessor control system that can automatically adjust temperatures to match changes in the climate. This provides users with greater control when it comes to tailoring their refrigerator’s settings to their individual needs. Furthermore, an advanced air filtration system helps keep Sub-Zero refrigerators free from unpleasant odors. Shelving units are also coated with a nanotechnology to prevent the spread of spills to other parts of the refrigerator.

Custom Design

The final, and perhaps most significant advantage to a Sub-Zero refrigeration system is that the brand offers a vast array of widths and configurations to ideally suit your particular kitchen needs. Additionally, the refrigerators are offered with stainless steel or with custom cabinet panels, meaning a Sub-Zero refrigerator will blend in seamlessly with the colors and materials used in the rest of your kitchen. If you are starting to plan your dream kitchen, a Sub-Zero refrigeration should be a strong consideration.

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