Kitchen Range Hood Types

Kitchen Range Hood Types

The kitchen range hood is an essential element in your new kitchen design.

The most fundamental component of any kitchen is arguably the stove. This appliance is the workhorse you cannot do without to do some boiling, cooking, frying, and more. The range hood is the second piece that completes the range. It allows one to do away with the odors, chemicals, smoke, and fumes that come up as a result of cooking. With a new kitchen design, you will want to pay attention to the details, including the kitchen range hood. Below are the most common kitchen range hood types out there.

Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall mount range hoods are a sleek focal point for any kitchen. These ventilation systems are mounted directly onto the wall and have a chimney as well as a vent. The wall-mounted range hood adds height to a kitchen and creates quite a statement. Practically, it vents out fumes and excess heat through a duct in the wall behind it, which leads to the outdoors.

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

Under-cabinet range hoods are sleek in a different way than wall-mounted ones are. They have a minimal appearance and hide directly under the upper cabinets or with a visible hood sticking out from beneath. If you are going for a minimalistic look to your kitchen, this is a great option whether your kitchen is large or small. Otherwise, under-cabinet range hoods are a good way to increase storage space, as you still have cabinets directly above the stove.

Range Hood Inserts

A range hood insert is a kitchen range hood that hides within a range hood cover. This range hood cover is ornamental in nature, providing a beautiful focal piece and available in countless designs, materials, and colors. The insert is the ventilation device itself, while the hood cover acts as a stylistic hood. This cover can be customizable.

Island Range Hoods

Suppose your kitchen stove is located on your kitchen island instead of against the wall. In this case, you would use an island range hood. Island range hoods come in multiple styles and can be as bold or as minimalistic as one prefers.


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