Consider These Helpful Tips When Choosing A Kitchen Island For Your Home

Kitchen islands are unique and versatile as they play the roles of cabinetry, counter space, workspace, or even a space to bond and share a meal with your family. Experts recommend making changes to your kitchen that fit your lifestyle needs. Before shopping for a kitchen island, read these helpful tips to aid your decision-making. Here are our top ideas for selecting a kitchen island. 


A kitchen island might be suitable for your needs.

Choose The Right Size For Your Kitchen Island

Choosing the right fit is critical, so you don’t feel cramped in your kitchen. Ideally, it’s best to have no less than 36 and more than 48 inches of space between opposite counter areas and another counter. It would help if you wanted to be able to move around with ease, and this would allow you to do so. 

Consider the Shape Of Your Kitchen Island

The shape of your kitchen generally dictates the overall condition of your island. If your kitchen is long and narrow in size, it needs a comparable kitchen island. The same idea and thought process apply to a square-size kitchen. You could also consider curving the front edge of your island to create more walking space. 

An Open Or Closed Kitchen Island?

An open or closed island refers to its base of the island. The construction can have solid cabinetry, shelving, or a narrow pedestal as a foundation for counter space. You also might want to consider a cabinet-based island in a kitchen with dark cabinetry if there is ample flooring. However, keep in mind that smaller kitchens complement open spaces under the counter.

Wide Variety Of Styles

Any enhancement you add to your home should match the home design. If you have an industrial-style loft space, a granite countertop might appear out of place here. However, if the kitchen has modern and contemporary elements, an option such as a granite countertop might be more suitable. The materials used in the counter and cabinetry should mesh together with other components in your kitchen. 

Figuring out How You’d Like Your Kitchen to Function

If you bake or cook elaborate meals in the kitchen, you’ll want an island with a large surface and minimal obstructions. If you love preparing fresh fruits and veggies, you might consider having a sink in the middle of your kitchen island. You could also like not to cook at all. Then, it might be best to use your island for entertainment purposes only, ensuring that you have enough space for comfortable seating.


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