Common Kitchen Remodel Myths and Misconceptions

Common Kitchen Remodel Myths and Misconceptions

Debunking common kitchen remodel myths and misconceptions.

There are many pervasive myths and misconceptions concerning kitchen remodels. Our biggest fear is that this will prevent clients from pursuing their dream kitchen. We want to ensure you’re getting the kitchen of your dreams that entails every one of your needs. That’s why we set out to debunk common kitchen remodel myths and misconceptions.

DIY or Bust

Thanks to the internet, there are so many incredible resources for finding DIY projects. Many of them are truly spectacular! However, generally speaking, you shouldn’t do your kitchen remodel yourself. An aspect of it, maybe, but not the entire job. Kitchen remodeling requires many trades, including electric, plumbing, and other kinds of technical work that are better suited for a professional. If you’re handy and want your kitchen to have that DIY element, you can tackle parts of it such as painting, decorating, or doing minor installation tasks.

Stay Trendy

Part of the joy of a kitchen remodel is nailing the style elements and design. Sure, your kitchen should function as you need it, but getting the right colors and materials to come together is a great feeling. You may look at all of the latest trends for some inspiration when doing so, which is great. However, a common myth is that you need to stay on-trend when remodeling your home. In reality, trends come and go. Instead, try to make your design timeless, personal, and something that accommodates the needs of your home.

Bigger = Better

There’s a common myth that a bigger kitchen is always a better one. However, there are all kinds of homes, families, and reasons why you don’t need a large kitchen. However, if you think your kitchen is too small to accommodate your family, friends, storage, and cooking needs, it’s ideal to include a larger kitchen in the design plans of your new kitchen remodel.¬†


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