Tips to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

Tips to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

We will be going through a few of the most important tips to consider before you start a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodels could be an exciting journey to venture out on. Whether it’s wanting to enhance the design or functionality or increase the value of your home, bathroom remodels are a chance to liven up an important piece of your home. However, you might be curious, what should you know about before you start? Today, we will be going through a few of the most important tips to consider before you start a bathroom remodel. Read on to learn more!

Design the Bathroom for Accessibility

Many people will say that no two homes are alike and when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, it is no different. As a homeowner, take some time to think broadly about what you want out of the experience: what are my needs and my preferences, what will check all the boxes, and how do I make this space work? At the end of the day, you should not consider designing a bathroom around an existing trend but instead what will make your life a bit easier. Consider the importance of functionality and accessibility. Are there elements you could include into your design that will bring your space into the next level?

Create Niches for Toiletries

While discussing designing for your personalized accessibility, the next tip is a nice Segway. Consider creating niches for your toiletries in your shower, among the functional benefits like having dedicated spaces to keep your assorted shampoos, conditioners, and facial cleansers. Regarding design, niches offer a great chance to create depth in your shower, break up the tile designs, and create a functional and modern feeling and look.

Plan Your Layout

The next tip is to consider both design and function, such as planning the layout. If you are a homeowner thinking about remodeling the kitchen, think about the space that you can afford. Remodels do not have to be one-dimensional, which means if you can dream up a space, chances are there is a contractor that could completely reimagine it in your newer image. While we’ve covered some tips for your bathroom remodel, you need to consider the shower.

Consider Finish and Texture

This is where the fun starts. Bath design, which is similar to designing any other space in your home, comes down to a handful of components: materials, finishes, textures, and how these characteristics work together to complement different elements. Bathrooms can be a bit different compared to a kitchen that has so many different elements, from cabinetry to countertops to hardware and the backsplash.


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