Three Flooring Options To Consider For Your Custom Bathroom

kenwood kitchens bathroom flooring

Here are some types of flooring to consider.

You should look into your bathroom flooring selections if you’re redesigning your bathroom. Water, steam, and condensation are all elements and causes that can be harsh on your flooring. When it comes to bathroom flooring, though, numerous options are available that are both durable and appealing. Here are our top bathroom flooring options for you to consider.

Porcelain & Ceramic Are Popular Flooring Options

For good reason, porcelain and ceramic tile are classic bathroom flooring options. These flooring kinds are waterproof and durable, and they come in various sizes, styles, forms, and colors that can be used to imitate luxury materials. While these types of bathroom flooring can be cold on your feet, heated floors can also be installed. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are similar but not identical. Porcelain is manufactured with finer clay and burned at a higher temperature. As a result, it is less porous than typical ceramic.

Natural Stone For Bathroom Flooring

Natural stone offers premium air to your bathroom and can raise the value of your home if you decide to sell it. Because these bathroom flooring options are not entirely water-tight, consider how much maintenance will be required to reseal your stone, as this process is critical. They, like ceramic and porcelain, can get cold, but you can get them with heated flooring.

Vinyl For Bathroom Flooring

Vinyl is becoming more popular as a bathroom flooring material. There are numerous advantages, such as water resistance, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. Vinyl is a sturdy material in various styles, colors, and sizes. Remember that this material is inexpensive and that replacing the tile is simple.


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