Do I Need a Warming Drawer?

Do I Need a Warming Drawer?

Are warming drawers really necessary? Here is how useful they really can be!

Whether your family is large or small, everyone can benefit from having a warming drawer in their kitchen. Warming drawers are a newer invention on the kitchen appliance scene, but they are slowly becoming more mainstream for modern kitchens, and for very good reasons, too. Aren’t sure whether or not you need a warming drawer? Here are some of the ways one is so useful!

Busy Week

No matter if you live by yourself or have a family of eight, schedules can get busy. Sometimes, you might not have all the time in the world to eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner the moment it is made. If you have a busy week and don’t have time to spare, a warming drawer can save you the time of reheating meals once you have prepared them.

A Big Feast

Having a lot of guests over? Cooking the main dish plus the sides all at once? A warming drawer can come quite in handy. You might have already cooked one or more dishes, but there are still two or three more to go. Keeping them in this nifty appliance is more energy-efficient and functional than keeping it in the oven or toaster oven.

Staggered Meal Times

Harkening back to the theme of busy schedules, you might have made a meal for the family, but not everyone is available at the time you finish. Perhaps you slept in by accident, or you have extra work to do that evening. The warming drawer is the only appliance designed to truly keep meals warm.

Cooking & Baking

That isn’t their only function, though. Different kitchen appliance brands create warming drawers with different layouts and capabilities, including slow cooking, proofing dough, and defrosting frozen goods. One could even choose to have wireless connectivity!

Warming Towels, Plates, Etc.

Who says food alone can go in a warming drawer? Some models are designed to hold plates and other dishware as well, for added luxury. Warm your cups and mugs before filling them with a hot beverage, plates before a meal, and bowls before soup. You could also warm clean hand towels, so everyone can wipe their hands before the meal.


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