Attention Forest Hill Homeowners: We Can Handle Your Next Kitchen Remodeling Project!

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Yes, Forest Hill residents, you heard us: your next kitchen remodeling project will be a snap.

Yes, Forest Hill residents, you heard us: your next kitchen remodeling project will be a snap. We’re trying to say that your dreams of a renovated kitchen won’t all be on your shoulders. The sinks and faucets are crucial parts of any kitchen. No matter how large or small your current kitchen is, it would be non-functional without these fixtures. Even outdoor kitchens come equipped with them! So let’s learn some more about your options in this regard.

Wall-Mounted and Bar Sink Faucets 

First things first, let’s talk about two of your options. One of them is the wall-mounted configuration. As their name suggests, the wall-mounted faucets are installed in the wall. Alternatively, they could be added to the backsplash instead. The sink or the basin is directly underneath whichever arrangement you decide to have. One major caveat to consider is this: as sophisticated as it looks, it might not be suitable for your Forest Hill home’s kitchen. 

Another choice you have is to incorporate bar sink faucets into your kitchen instead. This fixture is another type of change that many homeowners achieve through the magic of kitchen remodeling. The difference between this setup and all of the others is that it is attached to the bottom. In other words, it is mounted from the bottom into the sink itself. Whether or not it works for you will depend on the disposition of your plumbing system and where the walls are.  

Additional Design Factors To Account For 

There are other design factors to bear in mind. Your kitchen remodeling project won’t be as successful if you ignore or downplay these considerations. For one thing, the reach of the faucet matters. In this instance, it has to do with the distance you can move it away from the sink. Although higher arc faucets are visually impressive, they might not be the best choice in terms of functionality. Why do we say that? Its reach might not be far enough to suit your needs. 

Something else to think about is how high the spout is. Recent trends have shown that the spouts have been getting taller. If you find yourself needing to clean larger pots and pans all the time, then this is the right choice for you! 


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