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Everyone deserves to have a beautiful kitchen. But not everyone knows how to do the work themselves.

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful kitchen. But not everyone knows how to do the work themselves. In some cases, getting a DIY project done is simple enough. However, depending on the extent of the renovation, you’re probably better off getting the experts involved. Here at Kenwood Kitchens, our team of pros is happy to help you however we can. So, here’s to our customers and clients in Churchville, Maryland – are you ready to roll up your sleeves?

Let’s Focus on the Faucets and Sinks

Swapping out your outdated fixtures can make a noticeable difference. Imagine it this way: the kitchen is the hub of your Churchville home. By that same logic, the sink is the engine that makes it go. Okay, so the analogy is a little imperfect, but you can tell what we are driving at here, can’t you? What we’re trying to say is this: combine style and substance. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in the name of practicality and vice versa. 

What Do We Recommend?

Do you want a single-handle faucet? This convenient choice proves that one handle can serve multiple purposes. Dispense cold water or hot as needed! 

What about a dual-handle faucet? This option is another popular aspect of kitchen remodeling that you shouldn’t dismiss. When efficiency is the name of the game, then this setup makes for a great alternative to its singular counterpart!

The pull-out spray is another attractive upgrade. While it’s easy to assume that you can’t afford this faucet fixture, that’s not the case! No matter how large your Churchville home’s kitchen is, the sink might not be wide enough or deep enough to accommodate heavier pots and pans. The pull-out spray faucet gives you a solution to this problem. 

Hands-free kitchen faucets make your Maryland home’s kitchen even more efficient. Plus, you won’t have to worry about touching the taps after handling uncooked meat or seafood. You’ve probably seen these configurations in commercial bathrooms – and now you can literally bring them home!  


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