Kitchen Remodeling Services in Severna Park

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Severna Park

If your home is located within the limits of Severna Park and you need kitchen remodeling services, then you are in luck!

Getting your kitchen remodeled doesn’t mean you need to move mountains. In fact, it’s probably easier than you ever imagined. If your home is located within the limits of Severna Park, then you are in luck! That’s because the expert team here at Kenwood Kitchens can help! Let’s take a look at some kitchen remodeling tips you can follow to make the whole process that much smoother. 

Kitchen Remodeling 101: The Layout

Let’s start by looking at your options for the layout. Open floor plans are all the rage these days in Severna Park, and they are one fabulous example of how to make your kitchen more efficient and beautiful to boot. Focus on the so-called “work triangle” that should be the primary area of your kitchen. Sometimes, this triangle just doesn’t function the way that it should, and that alone can spur you to remodel your kitchen, among other rooms inside your home. Besides, the layout will make much more sense once you factor in just how much foot traffic there is bound to be in that zone. Expanding your kitchen could be the solution. You can make this happen by working with the experts here at Kenwood Kitchens!

Kitchen Remodeling 102: More Tips for Layout

Now let’s turn our attention to what else you should know. When it comes to the kitchen layout, you will want to be sure you are doing whatever you can to optimize it. Find a way to organize your new layout so that there is at least 12 feet between the sink, the refrigerator, and the cooktop, running in a straight line. Your new kitchen should be comfortable to work in without being too big or too cramped. The most you can space it out, i.e. the upper limit, is 24 feet.then determine where your plumbing lines and use that to align your sink between two other appliances. 

Kitchen Remodeling 103: The Design

Moving on, we can focus on aspects of design that you might not have thought of before. This part includes having fun with the details so as to make your personality shine through in regards to how the kitchen should look and feel. You can either match the sink faucets with cabinet hardware or go in for some contrast instead. All in all, think about the aesthetic you are looking to cultivate – many homeowners decide to renovate their kitchens, and indeed, sometimes their entire homes – for that reason alone. Deciding on which style of kitchen to implement will help guide the process along much more smoothly than it was before. 

Kitchen Remodeling 104: More Design Tips

Finally, let’s close on some other tips that you can use to help you redesign your Severna Park kitchen. For instance, take a look at the rooms around the kitchen – do they have a similar theme? If they do, then great! If not, then this might be something to work on in the name of unity and consistency. Then think about the architecture that is already in place – no one home is the same, even if your current row of houses are designed to be that way. Minimalist kitchens will look vastly different than kitchens that follow other design principles. 

What about artwork or other decorative flourishes? Small touches like that can imbue your kitchen with elements that are near and dear to you, such as animals or natural themes that fit with your lifestyle and taste in interior decorating. Don’t be afraid to learn as much as you can about your home, especially if it was built several decades before you moved in! Making your kitchen more distinctive helps you get the most out of any kitchen remodeling services that you might need in Severna Park! 

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