The Best Kitchen Remodeling in Sparks, Maryland

The Best Kitchen Remodeling in Sparks, Maryland

So when you work with Kenwood Kitchens this December, you can feel confident that you are receiving the best kitchen remodeling services to be found in Sparks, Maryland!

Hello there, Sparks homeowners! What is your new year’s resolution? Your aspirations for the coming year are much easier to achieve than you might think. Please note that you don’t have to go it alone. When it comes to a kitchen remodeling project, the old saying that “the more the merrier” definitely applies. After all, many hands make work light! So when you work with Kenwood Kitchens this December, you can feel confident that you are receiving the best kitchen remodeling services to be found in Sparks, Maryland!

A Look at Kitchen Styles

Before we can continue, it is important to note that the kitchen style you select is ultimately up to you! Every home is different, and even those that might look the same on the outside have a different heart on the inside – every homeowner residing in Sparks will have different tastes and an aesthetic that they want to cultivate. So with that in mind, our design professionals are excited to bring the most epic possibilities to fire up your imagination. Your kitchen will never look the same again, and it is our greatest pleasure to help you make that happen. The total design profile we assemble for you relies on your input, along with cutting-edge trends in both form and function; together, we will create a kitchen that you are proud to call your own

3 Conventional Kitchen Styles 

So now let’s switch gears for a few minutes. The three most conventional kitchen styles you will run into are called Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional. All three of them are wildly popular with your neighbors in Sparks, so how can you make yours look more unique? Who says you can’t have a little bit of all three? Combine the best of the 18th and 19th-century styles (Traditional) with something a little more up-to-date (Contemporary) or start looking forward to the future with a Transitional kitchen! Plus, a Transitional kitchen can also help you merge the different looks and sensibilities of past decades to make something truly stand out amongst your neighborhood.  

The Elements of a Perfect Kitchen Style 

What exactly are the fundamentals of any perfect kitchen style? That is a great question, and one with no easy answers. You cannot leave out the cabinets, nor can you forget about the backsplashes. Kitchen islands, whether or they are equipped with pass-through windows, can also take your new-look kitchen to new heights. Finally, don’t hesitate to amp up the lighting – the more lighting you have, both natural and artificial, the easier it will be to see! 

Even More Exciting Trends to Consider

And now, we’d like to tell you more about some of the other trends you can consider when it comes to a full-on kitchen redesign done for you. Shaker kitchens are well-suited to anyone who wants to become more serious about their cooking. Arts and crafts are also trendy, even though the looks may not be immediately evident. The Provincial or Cottage looks are also gaining cachet with discerning homeowners in Sparks as well!


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