Kitchen Remodeling in Oella, Maryland

Kitchen Remodeling in Oella, Maryland

Because of the ongoing pandemic, it can be difficult to imagine any kitchen remodeling projects being finished on time without any hassle.

Greetings, Oella homeowners! Maryland residents throughout the state are facing down tighter restrictions on being able to leave the house. In other words, do your part to stay at home. Because of the ongoing pandemic, it can be difficult to imagine any kitchen remodeling projects being finished on time without any hassle. Well, we are happy to report that this situation isn’t necessarily the case. For one thing, you can change up the lighting that illuminates your kitchen

Using Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting might sound fancy, but the truth is, it’s really not. Essentially, it’s the basic type of illumination you can expect to see in the kitchen. Every room needs ambient lighting, especially as the days grow shorter and the nights get longer. After all, there’s a reason we invented artificial lighting in the first place! The brightness level makes it safe to move around and also lends a feeling of warmth as well. If you’ve felt that something was missing from your Oella home’s kitchen, well then, a kitchen remodeling project can fix that!

Using Task Lighting

Your next consideration is how you want the task lighting to be implemented. Kitchen remodeling endeavors don’t always have to focus on the obvious parts of the room like ceiling fans, floors, and pocket doors. Task lights are just as important as their counterparts because they help light up smaller workspaces such as a chunk of counter between your fridge and the electrical panel, for instance. As with many other features of the kitchen, you have a choice of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.   

Using Accent Lighting 

Given the fact that your kitchen might already have enough light shining in it, you might assume that accent lighting isn’t important. However, think about the versatility of dimmers and other types of accent lighting inside your Oella home. These lights can be placed over the cabinets or under them; it’s your choice! The lights can also be installed inside the cabinets themselves – which is bound to be a huge help when you’re digging around for that wok or stockpot! Other interesting options include wall mounted lights, toe kick lights, and mini track lights – all of which serve an aesthetic purpose along with a functional one! Show off your subway tile backsplash or make your tea and coffee bar the focal point of the kitchen.   

Using Natural Lighting 

Yes, believe it not, you can use natural lighting to help make your kitchen look and feel brighter. Skylights can make a huge difference, especially if you place one right above your sink. This aspect of kitchen remodeling is probably downplayed and often overlooked when it comes to renovating the different parts of your home. Picture windows, bay windows, double-hung, and even triple-hung window panes can help you enjoy the view outside whether or not it’s a nice and clear day. 


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