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In many Timonium homes, the kitchen is one of the main gathering spaces in your home. Think about it – we do a lot in our kitchens: it can be a space to bond with loved ones while cooking a gourmet meal or a comfortable spot for that fresh morning coffee before starting your day. This is why the kitchen is one of the most common home improvement projects. Any good kitchen renovation will include updates to the layout, appliances, floors, and more. Let’s go over a few tips to help keep your kitchen remodeling project running smoothly.


The key to a kitchen design that allows you to work best is to improve the classic “work triangle” – the pathway from the refrigerator to the food prep area, and then on to the cooking area. This is the highest foot traffic region, and exactly where you need to establish open, easy routes to have the most efficient kitchen space. You need to have enough space to function effectively in each of these zones and move about the kitchen comfortably. Keep in mind the following quick tips when deciding on your layout:

  • Keep the sink between two major appliances
  • Shoot for at least 10 feet of cabinet space
  • Fridge and oven should always have their own landing zone (not placed directly next to each other)
  • Consider high ceilings to lengthen the longevity of your house and keep your kitchen easy to move around in


This is the part of the kitchen remodel process most people enjoy. Take some time to plan out what your overarching kitchen design themes are before you get carried away with details like kitchen faucets and sinks and drawer handles. Determining your overall theme will help you keep your customization choices in perspective and give you a solid design foundation when making your selections.

What vibe are you going for in your Timonium kitchen remodel? Are you after the boldness and sleek features of a modern kitchen or maybe the warmth or a classic country style kitchen? No matter which way you go it’s important to get your motif in place early in the process to keep your design consistent and unified. When choosing your kitchen design try keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Consider the adjoining rooms. Is the basic style consistent?
  • What is the existing architectural style best suited for?
  • Are there any specific pieces of art or furniture that you are planning to include in your design?
  • Capitalize on the quirks of your home to really make it your own!


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