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Our kitchen remodeling services are unbeatable, and you can rest easy knowing this process won’t be too much trouble!

Make Use of the Best Kitchen Remodeling Services You’ll Find in Dayton! 

All homeowners in Dayton, Maryland, expect the best of the best. That’s why the team here at Kenwood Kitchens is proud to serve them! No kitchen is complete without a solid set of reliable backsplashes! Let’s suppose that your current kitchen setup doesn’t incorporate backsplashes – or that these features, while present, aren’t as dependable as they used to be. In that case, we can come to the rescue! Our kitchen remodeling services are unbeatable, and you can rest easy knowing this process won’t be too much trouble!

Choosing the Right Materials 

Before we can begin, you’ll have to pick the right materials that will ensure long-lasting backsplashes. While this decision may seem unnecessary at first glance, rushing through it could leave you regretting the kitchen remodeling opportunities you accidentally missed. Common materials include ceramic tile, metal, natural stone, and glass. Tiles are, more than likely, the best choice. That’s because they’re easy to clean while still being aesthetically pleasing. Experiment with our array of patterns, such as glass mosaic, stone medallion, subway tiles, harlequin patterns, and wave-cut tiles. 

Picking the Most Appropriate Colors 

Likewise, deciding which color scheme to use can be a tough choice. The kitchen remodeling experts at Kenwood Kitchens can advise you on which color palettes are the most suitable for your current kitchen!

Deciding on the Most Striking Motifs 

Did you know that your backsplashes can contain motifs? These magnificent features elevate your Dayton kitchen in an understated yet majestic way. These motifs don’t always have to be an imitation of your favorite artworks. Still, they can evoke an aesthetic that you’ve meant to display. 

Selecting the Most Beautiful Patterns 

We mentioned some of our most commonly-seen patterns above. But these patterns are customizable to show your family’s vibe. After all, your custom kitchen shouldn’t look or feel identical to the one your Dayton neighbors have! 

Staying Within Your Budget 

Of course, it’s also vitally important to stick to your kitchen remodeling budget. Exceeding your budget isn’t always a disaster, but it can be a definite setback. Marble and glass impart your kitchen with a measure of elegance that it may not have had before. Even so, you don’t need to break the bank. Since you don’t need as much coverage throughout your kitchen, playing up your backsplashes won’t cost as much as you might think!


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