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Hello, Woodstock! The team here at Kenwood Kitchens is renowned throughout the region for our spectacular kitchen remodeling services.

We Welcome Area Homeowners to Engage Our Kitchen Remodeling Services in Woodstock, MD! 

Hello, Woodstock! The team here at Kenwood Kitchens is renowned throughout the region for our spectacular kitchen remodeling services. The kitchen installation process will take a while. Still, we promise you that it’s going to produce magnificent results upon completion. After we talk about how the process unfolds, we can take you through our Kitchen Remodeling Planning Guide as well!

What to Expect During the Kitchen Remodeling Process

The first two days of the kitchen remodeling process are the tear-out phases. During this time, the existing elements of your kitchen are disconnected and then removed. After all, we can’t put our all into transforming the heart of your Woodstock home without an overhaul! Let us know ASAP if there are any components that you’d like to keep. That way, it won’t interfere with the work our carpentry crew already has on deck. After we have taken the older materials away, we cannot put them back. But don’t worry! We’ll eliminate the trash created by the work will also be removed throughout each workday – but that is all we will remove.  

Days 3 and 4 focus on the mechanical rough-ins that are another essential part of the kitchen remodeling transformation. During this stage, the plumbing, electrical, and appliances will all be added in. As such, be sure to arrange all of your kitchen and bathroom needs ahead of time.

A Better Look at The Kitchen Planning Guide

First, you’ll need to fill out our handy form. In there, you will see the types of information you must include: name, email, phone number, address, city, zip code, and how you heard about us. Next, we ask you to fill in more information about your family and how your current kitchen works. For example, indicate the number of family members you have, along with approximately how old they are. We have other important questions to ask you regarding how you use the kitchen you have now and how you plan to use the new one once the build-out and installation phases are done. Lastly, we’ll walk you through crucial questions about the look, feel, design, and style you want to see. Oh, and one more thing – you’ll need to tell us more about your desired timeline and budgetary information.  


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