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Cabinets are the building blocks of any worthwhile kitchen remodeling project!

Homeowners in Shady Side, Maryland, want the best. We know that, and we are ready to provide. After all, you deserve to have a home that is beautiful, comfortable, and efficient. You no longer have to pick just one attribute when you can have all of them at the same time! One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your kitchen is by acquiring new countertops. The problem is, that’s easier said than done!

The Grandiosity of Granite 

Granite is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. Let us tell you why! It adds an extra flair of beauty and elegance to your kitchen. Plus, it’s strong enough to withstand whatever cooking-prep-related mishaps you may have along the way! Most homeowners in Shady Side are probably confused by the prospect of maintaining their countertops – but the good news is that they are surprisingly low-maintenance! Normal wear and tear don’t have as much of an effect on them. Granite counters are also less likely to show superficial damages such as scratches, dings, and stains.

The Quality of Quartz 

Quartz is another worthwhile kitchen remodeling investment. That’s because it carries the aesthetic of natural stone without being as heavy or potentially expensive. Resin binders make the material even stronger than it was, which is to say that it won’t show signs of chipping, scratching, or peeling!   

The Magnificence of Marble 

The captivating swirls and hues that marble features can astound everyone who walks into the kitchen. However, marble isn’t quite as hardy as the other materials we’ve discussed thus far. It’ll also take a bigger bite out of your budget. Even so, the luxury of adding to your new-look kitchen isn’t out of the question! By working with the team here at Kenwood Kitchens, you can make the interior of your home in Shady Side even more visually impressive. 

The Wonders of Wood

You may know what butcher-block countertops look like. It’s easy to assume that while they’re durable, they’re not much to look at, either. This assumption is far from the truth. Wooden countertops allow you to cut, chop, and slice without worrying about ruining your counters. The wood can be installed into small segments of granite, quartz, or marble countertops – or incorporated into standalone islands! 


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