Kitchen Remodeling in Odenton

One way to dramatically improve your kitchen is through kitchen remodeling, but you can’t forget about the lights, and there’s more to it than you might think.

Kitchen Remodeling in Odenton

Let there be light! Although spring and summer tend to be brighter and sunnier than fall and winter, that doesn’t always mean the natural light is the strongest. A dark kitchen is no fun to be in, so that means it’s time to consider the lighting. One way to dramatically improve your kitchen is through kitchen remodeling, but you can’t forget about the lights, and there’s more to it than you might think. Brighten up your Odenton home with these suggestions

Three Ideas

Let’s start by examining the first three ideas on our list of suggestions. These are called task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. Focus on each in turn:


    1. Task Lighting: Task lighting will cover most of your lighting needs. Without them, your kitchen will be very unsafe, and that is a situation you should strive to avoid. The workspaces, sink, and stove all deserve to have some task lighting, so take that into account during your next kitchen remodeling project. The lights need to be strong, but not overpowering. Track and spotlighting make sense, as they won’t contribute to eye strain. 
    2. Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is more for aesthetics than practicality. Use it to make your carefully curated works of art more interesting, even if those works of art are drawings done by your kids. Every beautiful kitchen needs accent lighting to make it more beautiful than ever before. It’s also great for illuminating cabinetry so you can see inside more easily without straining your eyes to look for something, especially when the room is dark and it makes much more sense to turn on a little bit of light rather than blast the space with the overhead lighting.
    3. Ambient Lighting: The third choice you have when it comes to ideas for basic lighting.  This light removes shadows and helps to light up dark corners if there are any. You can add ambient lighting in four different ways: through skylights, ceiling fans, windows, and ceiling lights.



Five Details 

Now let’s change gears and look at some other ideas that can help add detail and definition to the kitchen remodeling process. 


    1. Lighting Inside Cabinets: As we’ve alluded to earlier, lighting inside cabinets is incredibly useful. Take advantage of it while you’re planning out the kitchen remodeling process for your home in Odenton. 
    2. Color Temperature: Overlooking the importance of color temperature would be a mistake. Modern kitchens should have cooler lighting, while classic kitchens can have warmer lighting. Don’t forget about this little detail!
    3. LED Lighting: LED lights are fabulous solutions for when you are worried about saving energy. 
    4. Undercabinet Lighting: Undercabinet lighting can be an understated but elegant addition to your remodeled kitchen. Without it, you might not be able to see every part of your countertop. 
    5. Switches and Dimmers: These fixtures provide mood lighting. Without mood lighting, your kitchen might not be the same. Controlling the atmosphere inside the kitchen is vital, and these updates can help you do that.  





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