Kitchen Remodeling in Hampton

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Hampton, Maryland is a town rich in history reaching all the way back to the 17th Century. It features nationally registered historic sites, park-like landscapes, and beautiful traditional architecture. If you, too are looking to achieve an elegant traditional style kitchen remodel in Hampton, the experts at Kenwood Kitchens can help you design your dream.


There are three main features that define a traditional style kitchen. Each is just as important as the next. As you consider your Hampton kitchen remodel, you’ll want to give attention to the following:

  1. Colors: Traditional style kitchen remodels feature soft, muted colors like earth tones. Beige, greens, light greys, and browns are common color themes for this style of kitchen.
  2. Patterns & Ornamentation: The Traditional kitchen style lends itself to a wide variety of interpretations allowing you to fully customize your kitchen. Bring the outdoors in with floral or butterfly patterns; keep things cozy with materials like brick, marble, or even wood for the floors and backsplash; make it your own!
  3. Lighting: The focus here is on a warm, inviting atmosphere. Natural light from bay windows, skylights, or standard windows is an ideal way to bring the warmth of the traditional style to life. If your space could use some help in the lighting department Kenwood Kitchens can offer you a comprehensive catalog of ideas and products to bring out the beauty in your Hampton kitchen.


Now let’s get specific and look at some finishing details that can help add character and definition to any Traditional style Hampton kitchen remodel.

  1. Knobs and Hardware: Add an extra layer of customization by selecting from a variety of colors, materials, shapes, and placements for your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Try mixing things up with using different types of knobs and pulls throughout your Traditional kitchen for an extra splash of that homey feel.
  2. Fabrics: Use fabrics as an accent where you can. Chair seats, curtains, and table runners are an easy way to enhance the soft, comfortable feel of a Traditional style kitchen in Hampton.
  3. Fixtures: Choose light fixtures and faucets that flow with the Traditional kitchen remodel style you’re going for. Lean towards materials like brass or other metals with an antiqued patina to blend with the classic feel this style offers.
  4. Undercabinet Lighting: Undercabinet lighting provides a cozy understated elegance that is typical in a Traditional Hampton kitchen remodel. Stay away from bright LEDs which are more characteristic of a contemporary style kitchen.
  5. Furniture: Furniture can easily become the focal point of your Hampton kitchen so choose wisely. Wooden tables and bench seats are a sure way to achieve the Traditional kitchen style. Look for options with details like carved legs to really customize your space.

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